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Vinyl Repair in Riverside, CA

Vinyl is an incredibly durable material. It's resistant to fading, staining, scratching, denting and tearing. It's also water resistant and doesn't wear down with use as long as proper care is taken. Damaging vinyl flooring is a pretty difficult task, but it definitely isn't impossible. Sometimes it just can't stand up to accidents or improper care and maintenance, and it will require repairs.

Flawed installation, unsuitable care and maintenance, and accidental events can all cause imperfections in your floors. Sometimes things happen in life that cause damage and necessitate repair, and that simply cannot be helped. If you have rambunctious children or temperamental pets, then you're probably well aware that Junior and Rover consider something that's "indestructible" to be "slightly more fun to destroy". Tears and rips that require repair can be caused by heavy chairs or furniture being pushed across the vinyl's surface, or pet claws digging into the resilient material. Burn marks caused by cigarettes, incense, or any other hot implement are impossible to scrub out, and must be repaired by a professional.
Certain kinds of rubber like the backing on mats, the wheels of toy cars, and the rubber in chew toys can cause the melamine finish on top of the flooring to yellow if left to sit long enough. If spills aren't cleaned up quickly enough, they can seep underneath the protective wear layer and stain the vinyl. Dust and sand, when not swept up, can act like sand paper and wear down the melamine finish. All of these situations require maintenance by a professional vinyl repair service.

The courteous, qualified repair service in Riverside is Fair Price Carpets. We can repair all evidence of damage, to the point where your vinyl looks new. Our repairs are fast and invisible, and our crew is courteous and helpful.