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Affordable carpet binding service

Carpet binding can be a simple and effective solution for floor coverings at home. Fair Price Carpets provides professional rug binding services using stock material or your own carpet remnants in Riverside. There are many ways to customize your new floor covering. Choose from hundreds of different carpet options, stitching styles, and sizes. Once your floor covering is completed, we can ship it to your home fast. Not sure how to use this service to best suit your decor? Our design advisers are here to offer expert advice on patterns, color schemes, and more. You can use our rug binding service to create a variety of looks or simply improve the way your home looks now. Best of all, you can do it all while staying under budget.

What is carpet binding?

Carpet (or rug) binding is an optional service that uses carpet remnants to create area rugs, runners, and more. It is the process of stitching together the ends of these remnants with durable, intricate stitches that will prevent the edges from unraveling. There are a number of different ways that this effect can be achieved:

  • Binding Tape : A durable polyester tape is applied to the edges of the carpet remnant. Then a high powered sewing machine is run over the taped edges to secure them. This is the most common method of carpet binding. A handheld rolling sewing machine can be used. We also have a large, industrial strength sewing machine at our shop. This is a good option for customers looking for a cost-effective solution.
  • Traditional Surging : Some customers may opt to choose surging to finish the edges of their carpet remnants. The finished look is more luxurious and is most often used on high quality materials like oriental carpeting. The edges are finished with a tightly wound thread instead of tape. This method may take weeks to complete, and is often more expensive. Consider this option for luxury items.
  • Surging Tape : This carpet binding method combines the above to for a more affordable option and a more luxurious look. Surging tape looks very similar to traditional surging and is durable. The look is completed using the same methods used for polyester binding tape.

Additionally, fringing can be added using a strong adhesive for an oriental-inspired look on any carpet remnant. It can be a great personal touch to your new floor covering.
Carpet Binding in Riverside CA

Ways to use your new rug

Once your carpet remnants have been bound, you can place it anywhere in the home. Some of our favorite ways to use these floor coverings include:

  • Keep the floors clean. Catch dirt and grime without damaging your more expensive area rugs by choosing a custom runner. This works well in doorways, hallways, and mudrooms. These floor coverings can be replaced without much thought in the event the carpet remnant is ruined. The sizes can also be changed, so your new rug can be used in narrow or large spaces.
  • Add to the decor. Being able to choose any carpet remnant rather than selecting a pre-made area rug gives you complete control over the design. Choose the shape, size, color, and pattern that fits your interior best. There are hundreds of stock items to choose from, or you can find your own. The possibilities are endless.

Use your carpet remnants to create high quality area rugs with our professional carpet binding service at Fair Price Carpets. Find services and have new products delivered in Riverside at great prices.
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